Mayo Chiki Episode 10

This week’s episode starts with Kanade entering the Gaming Club’s room to ask them to make a game for her. Because she wants it done in a day, they refuse, but she fakes a little tsundere and they agree to help (lol). Meanwhile, the other girls are all preparing for some sort of event the next day. The next day, it is revealed that it is actually Kureha’s birthday, and Kureha, Narumi, and Usami celebrate together. Narumi gives Kureha…surprise surprise, a pair of glasses. Meanwhile, Usami gives her a body pillow with Konoe’s picture on it (uhh…). The two then act out Narumi’s latest yaoi story about Jiroukin and Barusu (-.-). Next, they head to the maid restaurant, where Kanade and Konoe are waiting. They all get together and sing for Kureha. Kureha then tells them about her birthday eight years before, where Jirou used all of his money to buy her a bear. Kanade then shows Kureha the game that she had asked for, which stars Jirou and Kureha as characters in a 2D fighter. As they are driving back, Kureha notices a swing that reminds her of six years before, when she ran out to sit on that swing after being angry at her mother. Jirou comes out to take her back, which makes her happy (she then proceeds to beat the crap out of him, though). She starts to go through all of her birthdays, but then tells Kanade and Konoe about how Jirou forgot her last birthday (seems very similar to this birthday). Kanade offers to let Kureha be her little sister (lol) and Konoe defends Jirou. However, Kureha remembers all of the other things Jirou has done for her and says it’s okay if he forgets her birthday. Kureha returns home to find a giant box on the floor, as Jirou appears to wish her a happy birthday (it’s another giant doll fyi). She then…beats…him up…again…The episode ends with Usami playing a game that Kanade gave her (that was a mistake) and getting angry when she loses. Kind of a cute episode…as always…

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