Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 9

I’ve been biting my nails wondering what happens this week (Shoma got hit by a car last week). The episode starts with some sort of weird flashback to the twins and Himari looking at penguins (I didn’t quite understand this). Himari notices #3 and follows her into an elevator, which takes her very far underground. There, Himari finds the library that she frequents. #3 leads her to a strange puzzle door, which leads into a giant area that has the book that Himari was searching for. She also meets the pink-haired man from the opening theme, who introduces himself as Sanetoshi. He opens a book that he calls the “Story of You” and talks about two friends Himari used to have. We then flashback to those friends, named Hibari and Hikari (uhh…k). The three of them are applying to be in some sort of audition to become an idol. Sanetoshi grabs another book and Himari flashes back to her mother buying her ribbons for the audition. However, she buys the wrong ones and Himari gets mad at her, knocking over a mirror. The mirror falls towards Himari, but her mother covers her and is covered in broken glass. Her mother survives, but is scarred for life. Sanetoshi continues reading, and we flashback to Himari telling her friends about the incident and they offer to help her mother at the hospital. One of them has read that Koi blood could help someone feel better, so they capture a Koi. They are stopped by a teacher before they can kill it and take its blood though. Hibari and Hikari try to take responsibility, refusing to allow Himari to do so. Finally, Himari flashes back to the day she left the school, leaving her two friends behind. They end up becoming idols together, choosing the name Double-H (based off of Himari’s name for them, Triple-H). It is revealed that they are the two girls that are on the subway’s monitor all the time. Sanetoshi hands Himari the penguin hat and tells her that it is a bridal hat, but doesn’t tell her the identity of the groom. Himari then wakes up, realizing it is all a dream, but has forgotten it all. The episode ends with the phone ringing and Himari finding out that Shoma was hit by the car. ARGH! I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO SHOMA! Sigh…fine…another week.

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