No. 6 Episode 10

Well, this series is coming to a close. This week’s episode starts off with the dog from last week delivering the baby to Inukashi. Meanwhile, Shion and Nezumi are dumped into a pile of corpses. They start to climb up, with Shion slipping multiple times. Inukashi and Rikiga sneak by holding a janitor hostage and steal some clothes. They reach the control room and open the door for Nezumi and Shion to enter the facility. They don lab coats and continue on to where Safu is. Rikiga and Inukashi are spotted leaving the control room and the facility is locked down. As Nezumi and Shion continue on their way up, Nezumi notices some changes in Shion’s attitude. They reach an elevator and engage the guards, but Nezumi is shot. However, Shion shoots the remaining guard, and moves to finish him off. Nezumi yells at Shion to stop, but Shion fires (with a dead look in his eyes). However, he comes to his senses and realizes what he’s done. Nezumi blames himself for Shion’s change, but Shion comforts him. After bandaging Nezumi up, the two enter the elevator. The episode ends with them reaching the top and seeing Safu standing there with a strange look in her eyes. So, next week ends this series. I noticed that the fight scenes in this episode seemed to be made to look intense, with lots of focus on Nezumi and such.


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