Dantalian no Shoka Episode 8

Surprise visit from Camilla! Let’s do it. After messing with Dalian a bit, Camilla notices Dalian looking through an auction catalog. She asks Huey to give her anything and Huey gives her a paper clip, and then she leaves (O.o). Later, Huey and Dalian go to a bookstore, the owner of which has a Phantom Book, but the owner mistakenly sold it. It turns out Camilla bought the Phantom Book, the Book of Equivalence. Dalian tells Huey that the book, when read aloud, can allow you to exchange any item for something of equal value. They go to Camilla’s place to find that she has gone to the residence of a Margaret Wilson. Dalian and Huey follow Camilla down a road of exchanges. We find out Camilla has been making these exchanges to slowly work up enough value to exchange for the bear that Dalian wanted from the auction catalog, leading her to a collector named Mr. Fearon. However, Mr. Fearon tells her that the bear is worth more to him than his life. Huey and Dalian show up to find out that Camilla has traded the Book of Equivalence for the bear. Later, Armand appears at the door to beg Huey for help, and vines shoot out of his hand. He tells Huey that he has a girlfriend named Lianna Scholes who he met through a Phantom Book, the one growing vines on his arm named the Book of Relationship that will guide someone to their soul mate. Lianna has the other book, and the books are said to bring the two owners together. On the day the two met, Lianna proposed to Armand and Armand accepts. They are having a good time together, but then things start to go sour. Dalian reveals that the only way for the relationship to go bad is if Armand cheated on Lianna, which causes a collective judgmental stare. Armand explains that all he did was help up a woman that he had bumped into, which had angered Lianna. However, the final trigger was talking to a maid, and Lianna activates the book’s power. At that moment, Lianna arrives at the door. She is angered once again by Armand and Armand is covered in vines and burns until there is nothing left but ashes. She gives her book to Huey before leaving, after which Huey and Dalian bring Armand back to life with another Phantom Book. The episode ends with Armand learning his lesson (supposedly) and hitting on Camilla. Two stories for the price of one…


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