Mayo Chiki Episode 9

Everything is late…totally not my fault. Anyway, this week’s episode starts off with Jirou helping Usami out at the restaurant where she works. He flashes back to the summer festival, where Konoe tells him to forget what she said about wanting to be more than friends. He walks out onto the floor to see Kanade sitting at one of the tables, having come to tease Jirou and Usami. Meanwhile, Konoe is frantically searching for Kanade, who slipped away from her into the cafe, but is dragged into a restaurant filled with butlers. Just as Kanade is leaving, Narumi and Kureha come into the restaurant, having been hired as temporary part-timers. While this is happening, Konoe is being forced to work off the price of a door that she destroyed at the other restaurant. Jirou tries to get away from Kanade and the others and ends up tripping and grabbing Usami’s breast (random). He ends up passing out from his gynophobia. When he wakes up, Kanade manages to convince everyone that Jirou has a maid fetish, which provides some laughs. Just as Kanade has convinced Usami to test Jirou’s claim to not have a maid fetish and just as Jirou is losing his resolve, Konoe walks in to retrieve Kanade. Jirou runs after Konoe to ask about what happened at the summer festival, but Konoe just plays it off, saying that she just meant that she wanted them to be best friends (pfft…yeah, right). Jirou comes back to the restaurant to find Usami, who thanks him for helping out and rushes off, dropping her cell phone. He remembers her mentioning before that he had his own ringtone, so he checks to see what it was, just as Usami is coming back for it (lol). Oh, this show…it’s just so refreshing sometimes.

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