Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 8

Because of how late this episode is, I’ll remind you what happened at the end of the last episode. Ringo decided to make sure Project Maternity was successful by sneaking into Tabuki’s room at night. Now, at the beginning of this week’s episode, Ringo pulls back the covers to find that Tabuki is not there. The next day, Shoma finds out that Tabuki was out helping Yuri fix the plumbing at their new home. While Ringo is at the aquarium, she sees her father with another woman and more importantly, another kid. Ringo watches as her father proposes to the other woman (in hilarious Ringo-vision). She goes with Shoma to Tabuki’s place while Yuri is out on a tour, bringing along a cake that knocks Shoma and Tabuki out cold (which I totally predicted the minute she offered it to Shoma). However Shoma regains consciousness and stumbles into the bedroom to find Ringo, who has dressed herself as Yuri to rape Tabuki. Although groggy, Shoma is able to stop Ringo by ripping off her wig, and at that moment, Yuri comes back home, having been stopped by the typhoon. Shoma and Ringo escape outside, where Shoma calls Ringo selfish for not considering Tabuki’s feelings. Ringo then calls Shoma selfish for pretending to be in a happy family in front of Himari, which angers him. Ringo starts to talk about her sister, but then tries to run off. Shoma tries to stop her and the Fate Diary slips out of her bag and falls down to the street below. Ringo rushes to grab it, but a motorcyclist drives by and tears off half of it while driving onward. Ringo is distraught and meanders into the street in the path of a car, but Shoma pushes her out of the way and is hit instead as the episode ends. This show rocks…that is all…moving on.

This is why I watch gg subs

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