No. 6 Episode 9

Straight into the action, this episode starts off with Inukashi crossdressing to fool a man who turns out to be a No. 6 official. Nezumi and Shion are there to capture him and tie him up. Nezumi is able to get a map of the correctional facility from the official. The next day while Nezumi and Shion are walking about, the Western District is attacked by a bunch of weird tanks with strange wave guns. Shion tries to save a baby by strapping it to Inukashi’s dog and telling it to rush back to Inukashi, but he exposes himself in doing so and a tank finds him. Before it is able to fire, Nezumi appears and throws up his hands and surrenders. Later, Nezumi reveals that getting captured was part of the plan as they are taken to the correctional facility. Meanwhile, back in No. 6, Yoming reveals to Karan that the hospice where Safu’s grandmother lived is actually an execution chamber for those that are no longer needed. He starts to tell Karan about his plan to send out a message calling everyone out to rise against No. 6, but Karan tells him that he reminds her of the ones that created No. 6 and he leaves. Safu hears Elyurias calling out to her, and we hear the scientists saying that she has “awakened.” However, something goes wrong (we’ll find out about that next week, I suppose). The episode ends with Nezumi, Shion, and the other captives being dumped down a shaft at the correctional facility. Things are certainly coming to a close. This show has a nice Dune prequel series/1984/Brave New World feel to it. It would be nice if it wasn’t so short, though…Just feels weird. One question still bugs me, though: Is Inukashi a girl or a boy??

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