Yuru Yuri Episode 9

Finally, I’m back. So, in this episode, the girls are trying to beat the heat, but are rather unsuccessful, so they go to the student council room, which has air conditioning. There, they find a girl that they don’t recognize and assume she’s a ghost, due to the topic of their recent conversation. The four run away in fear, and we are introduced to two more characters. First off, the girl in the student council room, Matsumoto, is actually the student council president. Secondly, we have the mad scientist, Nishigaki, who is friends with Matsumoto. Matsumoto is soft-spoken, which gives Ayano a hard time when she tries to hear what she’s saying, however Nishigaki is able to hear it. Nishigaki, on the other hand, is banned from the science room, so she runs her experiments in the student council room with Matsumoto there to discuss her ideas with. The other girls return to the student council room just as Nishigaki is blowing it up. Chitose formally introduces the student council president as Matsumoto Rise, and reveals that she was with them all along, including during the beach trip. Ayano then asks about how Matsumoto helps with Nishigaki’s experiments, which causes her to blush (with the yuri fantasy mode background…hmm). The episode ends with Akari showing up to reveal that she was never with the girls that day, suggesting that the Akari in this episode was actually a ghost. Pretty entertaining episode and a nice one to welcome me back home. I can’t believe they’re introducing more characters, but I can’t say I dislike it. Also, more character songs for the commercial breaks were win!

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