Sengoku Basara

Sengoku Basara

Another one of those series that got recommended to me by the same guy that recommended Black Butler. This story is pretty simple to understand. Date Masamune and Yukimura Sanada are two rival warriors that are forced to join together to face the threat of the Devil King Oda Nobunaga. It’s set in the past in an age of swords, spears, and random ninja (although firearms are present). Other than that, there really isn’t much to the story. I would have liked to see some twists or something, but everything really ended up being fairly straightforward.

Story: Score 7/10

The characters of his series are for the most part amazing. Date Masamune is the leader of his own gang of warriors and is known as the One-Eyed Dragon. He becomes a sort of focus for the series, with Yukimura kind of tagging along. Date fights with 6 swords (at once if that wasn’t obvious) and is a very inspirational leader. He’s an interesting character that tends to include random English in his speech (if you’re watching dubs, you’re totally missing out). Besides him, we have Yukimura Sanada, an overzealous and hot-headed follower of Takeda Shingen (maybe even slightly obsessive). Although his strength is able to rival Date’s, he often loses and sort of falls into a bit more of a secondary main character role. Without going into the rest of the characters too much, I just wanted to point out that Kasuga, a ninja serving Uesugi Kenshin, annoyed the crap out of me. Yes, I understand that she’s in love with her lord, but for Pete’s sake, stop making unnecessary scenes with her (feels good to get that out of my system). Other than that, the other supporting characters are pretty cool, although none of them have much depth.

Characters: Score 9/10

The animation of this series was really enjoyable. Being originally a video game, we see video game-like attacks coming out of everyone, but they’re all well done. I’m also not sure if this is because of the video game precursor (VG animation was still fairly low tech back then), but there didn’t seem to be much blood for a show about war. The music wasn’t bad and I enjoyed the opening and ending.

Animation: Score 9/10

Music: Score 8/10

While this series looked nice and was pretty exciting, the ending was very predictable and some of the points in the story didn’t really interest me too much. It’s the kind of show I’d watch with like teenagers for the action and the violence, with minimal splatter. There wasn’t much in character development and everything just seemed the same at the end (which set the stage for a sequel that was structured exactly the same way).

Final Score: 7/10

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