Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off, which Aoi showing up at the girl’s practice to find Subaru. Mihoshi shows up to explain to Aoi that she asked him to coach the girls. Aoi notices Airi as she’s dragging Subaru off, and later reveals that she’s jealous of her height. Later, Aoi is trying to give Subaru some notes for the upcoming tests and finds out that he has gone over to Maho’s teach Airi how to swim again. She shows up at Maho’s mansion and kicks Subaru into the pool. Aoi tries to get Subaru to leave, but Subaru refuses, explaining what coaching means to him and asking her to leave them. However, Aoi challenges them to a game…in swimsuits (lol). The elementary school girls take an early lead, but Aoi turns it around when he figures out Subaru’s coaching style. Aoi points out to the girls that the only way to match her is with height, which depresses Airi. Airi finally decides to help and tries to guard Aoi. Aoi taunts Airi before making her shot and Airi brings out the courage to block it. Aoi concedes after that shot and allows Subaru to continue coaching. Finally test day comes and while Subaru’s taking his tests, Airi successfully swims across the pool at her school. The episode ends with Aoi and Subaru watching a video of this and with Subaru returning some notes that Aoi gave him.

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