Dantalian no Shoka Episode 7

This week’s episode starts with Huey and Dalian buying some famous buns to eat. However, just as they get them, a woman rushes into the store and begs Huey to save her from some people who are chasing her. Dalian refuses, so the woman grabs their food as collateral. Huey tries to stop the men, and the woman tries to escape, but trips. Later, Huey and Dalian are talking with the woman’s father, who reveals that she is actually a talented perfume maker named Fiona. He mentions a book that Fiona used to create her most famous perfume, which interests Huey and Dalian. Huey asks to talk with Fiona, and she surprises Dalian with her acute sense of smell. Huey and Dalian are asking Fiona about the Phantom Book when a deranged man knocks on the door begging for something called Relic. He reveals that men from the Padauk Firm are trying to kill Fiona’s father and the three rush off to find him dead. Two men named Noth and Vance reveal that they are there to steal the recipe for Relic, a narcotic perfume, and kill all that know it. Huey starts to fight with Noth, but is at a disadvantage because Noth is numb to pain. Fiona takes a stab meant for Huey and then hits Noth with a different perfume, a sort of Anti-Relic. Noth passes out from the pain and Fiona hits Vance with a hypnotism perfume. Huey reaches into Dalian’s chest to grab a Phantom Book to heal Fiona. Fiona agrees to return the Phantom Book, but then hits Huey with a perfume that knocks him out. He awakes to find Dalian tied up and Fiona gone. Huey realizes that Fiona has gone over to Padauk firm and the two rush over to find everyone dead. They find Fiona shot, but they can’t use the Phantom Book again and she dies. The episode ends with Huey and Dalian burning down Fiona’s lab and discovering the scent that she had been looking for, the scent that made everyone happy, washing over the town.

A pretty interesting episode, but it reminded me too much of Getbackers.

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