iDOLM@STER Episode 8

Alright, finally finishing up the stuff from yesterday. We start off with Makoto and Azusa being hired for a job in a wedding magazine, with Azusa in a wedding gown and Makoto in a tux. Azusa takes a phone call and finds herself outside when she finishes. Another woman in a similar dress runs into her, dropping a box that Azusa picks up. A bunch of men in suits show up and mistake Azusa for the bride and drag her off. Makoto shows up just ask Azusa is being forced into a car that drives off. The men realize that they have taken the wrong girl and kick Azusa out on the street. Azusa opens the box to find a ring with a ridiculously large gem on it. The men also realize that she has this ring and rush off to find her again. While Azusa deals with various things trying to get back like an old lady and some lost kids, Makoto and the men in suits frantically search around for her. While Makoto ends up fighting with the men in suits, Azusa is asked to watch over a divination stand and meets the groom of the bride from the beginning of the episode. Azusa gets on a Ferris Wheel by mistake and sees the bride, chasing after her to return the ring. Meanwhile Makoto and the men in suits also find Azusa and chase after her. The result is a large crowd following Azusa as she finally returns the ring. After meeting the groom, the bride finally agrees to marry him (what a shallow girl). This episode had so many insert songs…

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