No. 6 Episode 8

Sorry about the tardiness. We start this episode by getting right into the action, with Nezumi and Shion scaling a cliff. However, they are captured (Nezumi allows it to happen) and brought before the very man that gave Nezumi his name. Nezumi reveals that this man is also the one who created No. 6 in the first place. He pulls out the picture that he found a few episodes ago at Rikiga’s house, depicting a younger Karan and the man before them in the center. The man reveals that he knows about the parasite bees and asks Shion to tell him his story. Nezumi and Safu have another simultaneous vision and the man asks Nezumi to sing the song that he hears in the vision, causing the caverns to light up in response to the song. Shion questions the man, and he tells him about the creation of No. 6. He then tells Shion about his meeting with Elyurias, some sort of ultimate power. He attempted to research her, but No. 6 tried to kill him for it, so he escaped. No. 6 then tried to gain Elyurias’s power by attacking her forest. They murdered the villagers, with Nezumi as the sole survivor. The man calls Nezumi a hypocrite for trying to destroy No. 6, then gives Shion his research, revealing that he was the first survivor of the parasite bees infection by showing off his similar scars to Shion. The two then head off to return home. They find Rikiga and Inukashi there, and Nezumi recruits Rikiga to help Inukashi with information collection.

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