Black Butler

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)

So, Black Butler is a story set in England about the head of the Phantomhive estate, a boy named Ciel, who tries to uncover the mystery of his parents’ death, joined by his mysterious butler Sebastian. Although the story is interesting, many of the episodes tend to strike me as filler with some of the arcs just not seeming relevant. That being said, the actual story itself was enjoyable.

Story: Score 7/10

The main character in this show, Ciel Phantomhive, heads the Phantomhive business after the death of his father. He’s usually very moody and bitter, and tends to act a bit snotty when it comes to his business ventures. He is joined by his butler, Sebastian, a mysterious individual who acts humbly and with a certain precision. He soon reveals himself to be quite the combat butler, able to use pretty much anything as an improvised weapon and take down even the toughest of foes. Also, we have the staff of the mansion, a hopeless group of individuals who constantly screw up their simple jobs, needing Sebastian to step in to cover them. They make you wonder why they were even hired in the first place, but this is revealed later on in the series. Along with them are numerous other characters, all of which are interesting to follow and incredibly designed.

Characters: Score 9/10

The animation of this series looked really good. The artists did a great job of really bringing out Sebastian’s fights and making everyone look unique and likeable. It’s definitely got a different feel because of the Victorian-esque sort of buildings and people. The music for this series was okay, but not particularly stellar. However, the opening and ending themes are among the best I’ve ever heard.

Animation: Score 9/10

Music: Score 8/10

Overall, I think that this series had a pretty strong start, but after a certain point, I was only really watching for the same reason I watched Hellsing. I kept wanting to see what amazing thing Sebastian (or Alucard) was going to do next. It may have just been because of the filler arcs, but the series seemed to drag along for me, not really doing a great job of keeping me anticipating of the next episode.

Final Score: 7/10

5 thoughts on “Black Butler”

  1. The second season is the real deal, it’s so much better. Also, a recommendation to watch: Shiki. A bit of a slow start, but that’s how true horror should work. By creating an atmosphere and delivering a powerful ending. And it does just that 😀


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