Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 7

How the heck is this girl in elementary school?

I dunno why I waited so long to do this one…I should have just downloaded Shikkaku’s when it first came out. But anyway, that’s beside the point. On with the show. This week’s episode starts off with Subaru taking Tomoka shoe shopping (sigh…shoe shopping). Subaru spots some of his friends from his high school and pulls Tomoka off to the side to hide. Later Subaru is talking with his high school friends and they ask him about his odd behavior lately, asking if he has a girlfriend. Of course, he denies this accusation, which causes them to guess that he is actually interested in the high school girl Aoi Ogiyama (who’s sitting right next to him). They both deny this, but the rest of the group suggests that Aoi tutors Subaru for the upcoming exams, which they both agree to do. At practice, Subaru notices that Airi is a bit off her game, so he asks her if she’s feeling well. She assures him that she’s okay and rushes off. Subaru stops her and tries to comfort her by telling her she’s important to him, but the girls take this the wrong way (or maybe the right way?) and assume that he is confessing to her. Airi eventually reveals that she is worried about swimming lessons that are coming up because she can’t swim, so Subaru is volunteered to teach her. However, this endeavor conflicts with his prior arrangement with Aoi, so he asks her if he can cancel with her (wtf are you doing, man?). She responds by kicking him…hard.

Anyways, Subaru shows up at Maho’s house to find that she is actually loaded. Maho comes up with a plan to trick Airi into jumping into the pool which works, but Subaru jumps in to save her. Subaru talks with Airi, who tells him that the reason she can’t swim is because she once fell out of a boat. She fears that she is dragging everyone down, not only with swimming but also with basketball, but Subaru is able to reassure her. The next day, Aoi follows Subaru after school and discovers that he goes to the elementary school. The episode ends with her showing up at the practice room (oh the suspense). No idea why this summary ended up being so long. Anyways, was this worth the wait? I can’t actually tell. That being said, I didn’t think it was bad. Wonder how Subaru’s legit love interest will react to all of this.

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