Mayo Chiki Episode 7

So, this episode starts with Jirou running into Konoe, who asks him to run away with her (no big deal…happens all the time). However, Jirou soon finds out that she has drugged him (but no before noticing that he smells of stew and a woman), and he awakes to find Kanade lying next to him in bed (standard). Kanade explains that she has run away from home (sound familiar?) and that she has taken him to an inn to help him with his gynophobia. We are then treated to the obligatory beach scene in the series. Kanade tries to “treat” Jirou by forcing him to put sunscreen on her (oh, the horror…), while Konoe takes an interesting approach to common beach activities such as splitting a watermelon…with a spiked club. Jirou escapes to buy some drinks, but finds Narumi, Kureha, and Usami working at the restaurant on the beachside. Konoe shows up, and Jirou is forced to take some extreme measures to hide her identity…GLASSES. Kanade is able to create the identity Takanashi Punyuru for Konoe on the spot, as Konoe’s cousin. Usami has an argument with Kanade over Jirou, and Konoe joins just in time to find out that Usami was the one that made stew for Jirou at the start of the episode. Konoe runs off and Jirou gives chase, with Kanade stopping Usami from following as well. Jirou explains his morning with Usami to Konoe, much to his embarrassment, which gets him punched, but Konoe accepts it. The two return to find that the rest of the girls will be staying with them at the inn, but this is all interrupted by the arrival of Konoe’s father.

An interesting episode…I dunno why I keep watching this, but I do……

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