iDOLM@STER Episode 7

Finally, I’m all caught up. I need to plan less things to do on Thursdays. Anyways, this week’s episode starts with a reporter at Iori’s mansion who is trying to report about Iori’s father, but she tries to promote herself and 765 Pro. Later, Iori and Hibiki decide to go to Yayoi’s house for dinner. They all go shopping and Iori shows off how spoiled she is at home. They finally reach Yayoi’s house, where they meet all of her siblings. Hibiki hits it off well with them and even Iori starts to enjoy herself. Iori talks with who seems to be Yayoi’s eldest younger brother, who tells her that he likes to help Yayoi out whenever he can because she’s so busy (aww). They all sit down for dinner and, after a short interruption from a blown fuse, dig in. Iori is hesitant at first because they’re only eating beans, but starts to enjoy it when she finally tries it. The eldest brother Chousuke gets angry at Yayoi when she lectures him for hitting his brother for trying to take his food, though, and runs off. Iori and Hibiki manage to convince Yayoi to go after him and search for him. Yayoi and Hibiki are unable to find Chousuke and Yayoi begins to worry, but the Producer appears to comfort her, having been called by Iori. After talking with the Producer, Iori realizes that Chousuke is still hiding in the house and finds him in the shed. She talks with him, comparing him to herself, and makes him realize that he shouldn’t be running. After a touching reunion with Yayoi, the rest of the gang starts to head home.

Kind of a cute episode. Why doesn’t Iori have pigtails? Sigh…way to bust the stereotype. Anyways, apologies for the tardiness of these posts, but I think I managed to get them done in good time.


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