Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 7

The boy from a couple of episodes before returns at the start of this episode. Yune asks him for the candlestick back, but he tells her that he has traded it for bread, which prompts her to give him a piece of bread from her breakfast. In return, she asks that he stops stealing from other people, but he runs off without a response when Claude comes out. Claude lectures Yune for trying to forgive the boy, and ends up raising his voice at her naivete. However, Alice walks in having heard all of this and starts to get on Claude’s case. She then shows off her complete lack of understanding of Japanese items to Yune. Oscar notices that Yune doesn’t feel well, so he asks Alice to leave. The boy comes back again, but Yune is unable to give him more food because of Claude’s scolding before. However, she does try to comfort him, but is once again interrupted by Claude. Claude lectures her again and makes her promise not to get close to the boy again, which brings Yune to tears. She then collapses on her way up the stairs. Yune assures Claude and Oscar that her illness isn’t serious and that she doesn’t need a hospital trip, but Claude fears she is hiding something like she normally does. Claude returns to the front of the shop to find the boy again. He blames him for Yune’s illness, which causes him to run off. Meanwhile, Yune starts remembering a similar situation with her sister comforting her (her sister is basically Yune with longer hair). Claude finally realizes that Yune saw the boy as similar to herself as both of them were trying to find a place to be accepted in Paris. He wonders whether it would be better for Yune to return to Japan and goes to talk with her. However, he finds her collapsed on the floor again, this time grasping the book that he gave her. Claude rushes off to Alice’s mansion to beg her to call a doctor for Yune. He also asks her to teach him how to make rice porridge to give to Yune (lol…how cute). Yune starts to recover and Claude serves up his food and also gives her a flower left by the boy. Claude and Oscar tell her to rely on them more and stop worrying about being a bother so much, and Yune finally feels accepted at the shop.

So this episode. Corny?…kinda. Interesting, anyway? Absolutely! Alice seems to be making more regular appearances as the comic relief. Also, next week, it seems as though we may find out what’s going on between Claude and Camille.

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