iDOLM@STER Episode 6

This episode is like the episode of priceless expressions or something. So in this episode, Iori, Azusa, and Ami are chosen for Ryuuguu Komachi, which is Ritsuko’s project idea. With his competitive spirit engaged, the Producer decides to try his best to give the rest of the girls their own projects so they don’t lose to Ryuuguu Komachi. However, he becomes a tad overzealous and makes a lot of mistakes. He ends up matching girls with jobs that aren’t suited for them. He double books Hibiki, and Miki offers to replace her. She ends up being late, but she is able to learn the dance just from watching Makoto do it once, so the show ends up being a success. The girls all get together to watch Iori, Azusa, and Ami perform and it turns out well. This episode was pretty interesting, especially with surprise genius Miki. To be honest, I semi-expected it, but it was still cool.

I cracked up seeing Hamzou in this pose

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