No. 6 Episode 6

We start the episode off with Safu going through customs, having just come back to No. 6 because of her grandmother’s death. For some reason, she isn’t allowed to bring in a Picasso artbook (ehh?). After getting her grandmother’s personal effects, Safu becomes suspicious because of a missing knitting needle and a scarf with an unfamiliar smell. She tries to call Shion, but he’s been disconnected (since he’s a fugitive and all). She then decides to go see Shion’s mother, who tells her that Shion is in the Western District (why would you do that?). As Safu runs off to find Shion, she is stopped by the Public Security Bureau, who stuff her into a car and drive off. Meanwhile, Shion is helping Inukashi dig a grave for one of the dogs, his “uncle.” Afterwards, he talks to Nezumi about going back to No. 6 in the spring to make a serum to counteract the bee parasite. Nezumi responds by attacking Shion, but he doesn’t kill him. He tells Shion to pick a side, but Shion comes up with an idea to destroy the wall around No. 6. Nezumi tells him it won’t work and leaves Shion to himself. The episode ends with Nezumi getting a letter from Karan that Safu has been abducted. Uhh…this episode was hard to watch, but I think I’ll keep going just because I really wanna know what this bee business is.

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