iDOLM@STER Episode 5

We start this episode with a broken air conditioner at the studio, which triggers a trip to the beach (the obligatory beach episode!). We (the audience) are treated to random scenes on the beach with all of the girls, as well as an insert song (which sounded pretty good to me). Takane also shows off her impressive eating capabilities (what an intriguing character). After a long day at the beach, the girls go to stay at an old-fashioned inn. They chill, have an outdoor barbeque, and shoot off some fireworks. Afterwards, everyone goes to take a bath. The Producer, being the only guy, gets a nice bath to himself and Hamzou. Or so he thinks, as Miki walks in. The rest of the night, the girls talk and bond, but not too much else happens. But then again, it’s a beach episode, so just sit back and enjoy. When they get back, the President announces a new mystery project called Ryuugyuu Komachi (wonder what that is). Anyways…not much to say. Onward!

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