Mayo Chiki Episode 5

A new challenger appears! Or…something like that. We’re finally introduced to one of the mystery girls from the opening theme (all that’s left is cat-ear girl). And just for fun, this new girl appears on a motorcycle on a collision course towards Jirou (here comes the pain). In an attempt to get his glasses back, Jirou proceeds to enter the most awkward conversation on the planet (his glasses are sitting in between the girl’s legs). After Jirou finally gets his glasses back on, she realizes who he is and proceeds to kick him in the face (allowing him a glimpse at her panties). She tells him that not only does she dislike his sister Kureha, she also envies him for his relationship with Subaru. Finally, she introduces herself as Usami Masamune (epic last name) before knocking Jirou out…again. Jirou awakens in the nurse’s office to a worried Konoe (how cute). After some amusing scenes involving Jirou’s sleep talking, Konoe notices that Jirou has been avoiding Kanade (I wonder why). However, before Jirou can avoid the subject, Konoe randomly asks him to join her at the school fair (another date!). After agreeing to the date, Jirou reluctantly agrees to talk about what’s troubling him (you idiot!!). However, rather than beating the crap out of him like I expected, Konoe reacts to his “going back and redoing it if he could” line by offering to kiss him herself (O.o). Before she can plant the kiss, Kanade walks in. Jirou tries to escape, but to no avail. Kanade informs the two that the class has decided to do a crossdressing cosplay cafe for the school fair, which means that Konoe must dress as a girl. Kanade also brings up a love letter that she has received from a different student. Jirou acts pretty chill about it, which noticeably pisses her off. As Jirou is stomping through the hall, he is stopped by Usami, who asks him to go out with her (come again?). She reveals that she is just using him to get close to Konoe. She blackmails him with a picture of Jirou and Konoe on their first date. So when Konoe shows up, Jirou is forced to agree with Usami that she is his girlfriend and that they will spend the school fair together. And…what do you suppose happens? Konoe beats the crap out of him. Later, Jirou is forced into a practice date with Usami, going to the mall to buy a swimsuit for her own class’s school fair activity. Jirou trips while Usami is changing and falls into the room while she’s naked…..sigh. The two walk home together and Usami asks Jirou to trust her. So, Usami seems like an interesting new development. It’s clear that her home life isn’t ideal. She probably lives alone, based on her comments about money. Either that or it’s a low income household. I still can’t quite tell who the focus of the harem is yet…So far it looks like Jirou, but the opening suggests that the last girl, cat-ear girl, is interested in Konoe. Guess we just have to wait and find out.


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