Gundam SEED Destiny

Gundam SEED Destiny

While I’m already in a Gundam mood, I’ll just review this one too. This is the 50 episode sequel to Gundam SEED (O.o quite the long series). After the events of Gundam SEED, the conflicts between Naturals and Coordinators are far from over. While at a meeting with the new ZAFT chairman, Gilbert Durandal, Cagalli Yula Atha, a representative from Orb and a major character from Gundam SEED, is interrupted by an attack by 3 Naturals (sound familiar yet?). The 3 steal some new Gundams (it should definitely sound familiar now) in the hangar and begin to cause some havoc. However, Cagalli and her bodyguard Athrun Zala, another major character from Gundam SEED, are saved by the appearance of an Archangel class ship called the Minerva. The Minerva launches a new 3-part Gundam called the Impulse, which is piloted by the new main character Shinn Asuka. Athrun joins the Minerva in a chase after these 3 Naturals. The story of this series…sigh, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. This story is basically a replica of the first season with new characters and new Gundams. The first season was pretty strong and entertaining, but this season kind of trashes it.

Story: Score 6/10

The new protagonist is Shinn Asuka, a Coordinator whose family was killed during the attack on Orb in the first season. Because of this, he’s a pretty bitter guy and tends to distrust Naturals…a lot. Besides being an even bigger crybaby than Kira, Shinn is incredibly easy to manipulate, which kind of makes him an annoying character. Also, his Gundam, the Impuse, is the most annoying Gundam on the planet. Pretty much every time he sorties, they show the animation of the legs part of his Gundam combining with the torso part and the minijet part becoming the rest of the top of his Gundam. WHY DO THEY NEED TO MAKE A GUNDAM IN 3 PARTS??? Besides the general impracticality of the design, it still gets completely destroyed by the Freedom, which just makes me wonder “What’s the point?” That aside, Kira Yamato also returns in this series with his Gundam Freedom, arguably one of the coolest Gundams ever and one I didn’t introduce in the first season’s review. Kira’s character basically stays the same in this season, mostly because it was hard to change him after he had his big epiphany after “dying” in the first season. Athrun Zala also returns and follows a similar pattern as the last season of joining the wrong team and fighting his buddy Kira (he never learns…). Athrun’s character also doesn’t really change, except for the fact that he has sexual tension with basically every female character in the series. Lots of the other characters from the first season also return, as well as some new characters that aren’t particularly special. All in all…just couldn’t live up to the first season.

Characters: Score 7/10

The animation of this season is basically the same as the previous season, so I basically give it the same score.

Animation: Score 8/10

The music of this season was thankfully able to live up to the standard of the first season. The openings may have been even more enjoyable than the first season.

Music: Score 9/10

After the pleasant surprise that was Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny definitely disappointed me. There really isn’t that much more to say. You’re welcome to watch this, but honestly, Gundam SEED is fine by itself.

Final Score 6/10

4 thoughts on “Gundam SEED Destiny”

  1. I agree. It felt too confused about who the main protagonist was, and after they started fighting each other, you weren’t really sure who to root for, so you just went with Kira ’cause he was cool in the first season, but then they still spent so much time on Shinn, and…and…gah. Just left sort of a bad taste in my mouth after the original.

    “Athrun’s character also doesn’t really change, except for the fact that he has sexual tension with basically every female character in the series.”
    Hahahahahaha! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Great review.


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