Sacred Seven Episode 5

So, in this episode, the gang goes camping in a mountain. And you guessed it…when they reach the campsite, Arma senses a Darkstone from the pyramid near the campsite. Kagami goes to investigate and Hellbrick senses the Darkstone as they go deeper into the pyramid. The Darkstone awakens and Ruri runs to help Kagami with Arma chasing after her. However, the ground opens up (Kamine Island, anyone?) and the two fall in. Kagami manages to find Ruri, but the pyramid rearranges itself, separating them from Hellbrick. They get surrounded by the Darkstone’s minions, and Ruri orders Kagami to fire his super laser, but Kagami refuses, afraid that she will be caught in the blast. However, Arma shows up and after getting a gem from Ruri, beats the crap out of the Darkstone. Yeah…this might be one of those series that I drop. I was seriously expecting more out of this. Also, gg subs is annoying me. The battles are depressingly short, which is okay if there is decent stuff going on in the rest of the episode, but sadly, that is not the case. The shows are becoming very routine: normal school activity leads to finding a Darkstone leads to Arma transforming and beating it up. Unless it impresses me next week, this show will probably drop (also, the transformation thing is getting old).

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