Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 5

I know I talked about dropping series this week, but this one’s definitely not getting dropped. Yune starts off this week by showing off her abilities as a customer magnet…or lack thereof. Claude informs her that she tends to make people suspicious because she acts too friendly (O.o). The strange boy from earlier once again appears at the window, but runs off when Yune waves at him. Also, Oscar randomly leaves the shop, saying he needs to travel and goes off…somewhere. The boy walks in again and grabs a lamp. Yune gives chase, but he gets away. She tries to ask passerby to help her find the boy, but they all ignore her. Then, Yune realizes that she is lost and runs around searching for Claude’s shop. Meanwhile, Claude is running around searching for Yune. A friend of Claude’s approaches Yune, recognizing her and realizing that she is lost. However, Yune remembers Claude’s words to her earlier and runs away in fear (way to make her paranoid, Claude). Finally, Claude manages to find Yune. Yune starts to freak out about the stolen item, but Claude reassures her that he cares more for her safety (awww). Claude’s friend later introduces himself to Yune as Alan. That night, Oscar returns, having been worried for Yune and unable to leave Paris. Looks like the boy’s gonna be a recurring character in this series. I’m afraid his background won’t be so interesting, though. He seems like the typical homeless orphan. Still, I liked the lost in a foreign country theme of this episode. Had a bit more substance than just Yune being cute (but seriously…how cute is she?). Looks like next episode is the return of Alice Blanche, as well as Yune in a dress (and by dress, I mean Western dress).

silly Yune...how's anyone supposed to believe you're mad?

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