Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 5

Why is it that a loli looks even cuter in chibi form? Anyways, this episode, the girls start a training camp with Subaru for the class basketball tournament. However, Takenaka is also in the same class as the girls, so he would be on their team. The girls tell Subaru that Takenaka decided to play soccer instead. However, Takenaka shows up at their training camp, revealing that Mihoshi “accidentally” signed him up for basketball. Even though he is on their team, Takenaka refuses to practice with the girls (of course) because he does not want to play on the same team as Maho. Subaru tries to figure out what’s going on between the two, and recruits Tomoka to help him come up with ways to get them to make up (much to Tomoka’s embarrassment). All of their attempts fail, so Subaru decides to talk with Takenaka alone. Takenaka explains that in all his years knowing Maho, she has always been able to learn new things quickly. Whenever he tried to become as good at her at something, she would just become bored with it. He resents her taking up basketball because he doesn’t want her to get bored with it the way she does with most things. However, as the two get back, they notice that Maho has been secretly training by herself at night. I’m kind of curious about how Takenaka’s gonna work on the team with the girls. Also, Saki’s reaction to Subaru’s secret meetings with Tomoka was just priceless.

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