Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Episode 4

When we last left off, the sky started raining some weird rain and Gekkou had just gotten owned. Taito and Himea run back into the school, with Taito dying a few more times. They hear something up ahead, but the power cuts out. Taito is about to engage, but Himea disappears. Meanwhile, Gekkou lifts the curse on Mirai while a dimensional rift opens in the room. They both jump in. Taito rushes to find Himea, but is killed randomly. He finds Himea being held by some weird goo. She tells him not to come near her, but Taito tries to save her anyway like any good anime character. He is impaled by the goo and Himea turns evil (insert maniacal laughter here). Taito tries to attack, but evil Himea talks like the normal Himea, causing him to hesitate and allowing her to kill him for the sixth time. Himea begs evil Himea, or Ba’alskra, not t0 kill Taito (naturally). Ba’alskra stabs Taito a few more times, but none of them at vital organs. Wanting Himea to himself, Ba’alskra is jealous of Taito for taking her. Himea takes control for a bit, allowing Taito to escape (coward). Haruka calls Taito, reminding him of his actions when practicing karate. She also has a strange moment and her eye color changes (much like Himea’s). Meanwhile, Taito stands up to Ba’alskra, showing off his masculinity, and proceeds to get stabbed. However, his kill count has been reset and he gets stabbed some more. He tries to get Himea to resurface, finally embracing her and confessing his love to her, which knocks Ba’alskra from control. However, Himea starts asking Taito to make love to her (O.o). Also, Haruka is revealed to have been sent to deal with Himea. I dunno what to think about this series anymore. But this episode needed more Gekkou…

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