Dantalian no Shoka Episode 3

We start this episode the same way the last episode started. Huey meets a girl and Dalian gets jealous. However, this girl, Camilla, finds Dalian’s soft spot, sweets (just like every little girl >.>). At Camilla’s house, Camilla tells Huey that she started a school for children, but another woman, Mildred, also started a school. However, Mildred tells Camilla that she has a Phantom Book that increases the intelligence of her students. Dalian tells Huey not to worry about it, but Huey insists on seeing Mildred (denying Dalian of her scones). Huey and Dalian meet with the children, who seem to know quite a lot about them. The children reveal that they have no plans to take over the world and hand over the Book of Wisdom. Huey later burns the book. That night, a couple of burglars break in and tie up Huey and Dalian (all Dalian’s fault). They begin to search for a book called “Queen of the Night”. The book turns out to be a plant, which consumes the two burglars. The next day, Huey and Dalian are talking about the incident with Camilla (not the truth, of course). Dalian mentions that the burglars got what they deserved for “damaging one of her favorites”. Huey assumes she means “Queen of the Night”, but Camilla realizes that she is referring to Huey himself, who had been pistol whipped by one of the burglars. I like the idea of books taking the form of other things, like the clock tower in the last episode and the plant this episode. The Book of Wisdom was a little underwhelming and I kind of wish it comes into play later in the series. Also, Dalian is super cute…that is all. Why doesn’t this show come out in HD first??? It’s so annoying!

One thought on “Dantalian no Shoka Episode 3”

  1. Well i kinda dissapoint there’s no sealing a mosmter anymore or like the last epiosde. But I like the idea of a book that is actually a plant but at the begginning it creep me out becuase the children are not like the rest.

    Overall The anime is awesome and i like Dalian and Camilla part where she make Dalian get tempted and Dalian insult her.

    I always love the opening


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