No. 6 Episode 4

So, we start off this episode with Nezumi showing off how much of a boss he is. Shion’s mother gives him a place to investigate called Latch Bill.  Shion and Nezumi go to meet with a former reporter from Latch Bill who recognizes Nezumi, calling him Eve. Nezumi reveals that he is an actor (kinda suspected from the play rendition he did before) and that Eve is his stage name. The contact tells Shion and Nezumi that he knows Shion’s mother, having asked her out in the past. He then offers Nezumi a job as a pimp, which enrages Shion to the point of violence (ehh?). As the two leave, Nezumi recognizes someone in a photo on the ground. Later, Shion is talking with the Dogkeeper (I’m gonna stick with Inukashi because Japanese names sound more cool), but Nezumi arrives to insult them both. Inukashi notices something about Nezumi’s behavior around Shion and later challenges Nezumi to get revenge for the insults (so childish). Inuzaki is able to rile Nezumi up by mentioning Shion and proceeds to surround him with dogs. Nezumi is able to get past them, though, and manages to pin Inukashi. However, Shion shows up and Nezumi hesitates, allowing Inukashi to escape. So, in this episode, we kind of see a more human side to Nezumi. Kind of a standard “acts tough so he doesn’t get hurt” sorta thing. It will also be interesting to see whether Shion’s outburst is due to his condition or whether he always had the capacity to be violent. On another note, I’ve managed to get the openings for Kamisama Dolls, Kamisama no Memouchou, Yuru Yuri, Sacred Seven, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi, and Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, but I’m really looking forward to the openings for Ao no Exorcist (the second one), Mayo Chiki, and No. 6.


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