Death Note

Death Note Redone

So like Bakuman, Death Note is set in normal, present day Japan. Light Yagami is an honors student who happens to find the Death Note, a notebook that kills anyone just by writing their name in it. Light decides to use this notebook to rid the world of crime, thus making it a better place for all. However, the police catch on to this (mostly because he wanted them to) and send in L, their ace detective who shrouds himself in secrecy while solving the world’s most difficult mysteries. Because Light doesn’t know L’s real name, he can’t kill him. Also, L does not know who Kira (the name given to Light by the world) is, so he cannot arrest Light. The two proceed to have a mental duel to find the other first and then execute him. An amazing story concept that instantly hooks you, all done without swords or energy blasts or pokeballs. The story kind of falters after the first half, but the series as a whole is still solid. Also, the ending is pretty bad.

Story: Score 6/10

The main character in this series is Light Yagami, ranked in the top of the nation. He’s generally pretty bored with life, but that changes when he finds the Death Note. He has a strong sense of justice, which leads him to decide to eradicate all criminals. Light is also very calculating and analytical. Light is opposed by the mysterious L, who is arguably equally as smart as Light and has connections with the police. L is…eccentric. He tends to sit in strange poses and hold objects in an abnormal way, kind of a polar opposite of the prim and proper Light. He also likes to joke around, often at Light’s expense. Next up, we have Misa Amane. Misa is another person who finds a Death Note, but she falls in love with Light and decides to join him on his quest to eliminate crime. She’s not nearly as smart, though, so she tends to be a bit of a liability to Light. Add in her overzealous devotion to Light and general ditzy behavior and you can kind of see why Light really wants to get rid of her. The last major character in Death Note is the owner of the Death Note, Ryuk. Ryuk is a Shinigami who was also quite bored with life, which prompted him to drop his Death Note to spice things up in the human world. He can only be seen and heard by people who have touched the Death Note. He tends to get manipulated by Light a lot because of his fondness for apples, but for the most part, he tends to stay neutral, refusing to tell Light the names of people he wants to kill despite being able to see them. Misa’s Shinigami is named Rem, but Rem isn’t quite as important as Ryuk. Rem’s only there to keep Misa from being killed by Light. Finally, we have the members of the Japanese Police Task Force, who aid L in his attempts to catch Light. The director of the Task Force is actually Light’s own father. Though the main battle is between Light and L, the members of the task force are always present and try to aid in whatever way they can. I definitely liked the characters in this series. The main problem I have with them, though, is that there isn’t really much development to any of the characters. They each get introduced and their personality is revealed, but then they just stay the same throughout the series. There’s never really a sign of any emotional struggle or such, just the interactions with each other. That being said, they’re still all very well done.

Characters: Score 8/10

The animation of this series was quite astounding. If you’ve seen Bakuman, it should look familiar. There really isn’t anything that’s reused and it just looks good in general.

Animation: Score 8/10

Greatest…soundtrack…ever. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this music pop up in other places, like random streams or youtube videos. The music is just that good. All of the openings and endings are super memorable and sound great.

Music: Score 10/10

Death Note was kind of like an introduction for me into the anime world. I had seen other shows before, but Death Note kind of marks the point where I started to really follow anime, as opposed to just watching it when it came on TV. In my opinion, the english dubbing and the japanese dubbing both are done well, and the series is just entertaining in general. Unfortunately, I just can’t accept the way the second half of the series was done, which tends to lower my opinion of it quite a lot. That being said, I still would recommend it to anyone because the first half in particular is just that good.

Final Score 7.5/10

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    1. in my defense, this is a pretty old review. Still, 9.8 is kinda pushing it with how the second half went. I’d accept 9.8 for the first part, but that’s about it


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