Sacred Seven Episode 4

Arma gets busted!! But not really…It’s a good thing his suit looks like a power rangers outfit. Let me explain. Ruri and Arma are helping with the school festival when Hellbrick senses another Darkstone. Kagami wants to keep it a secret from Ruri and take care of it himself, but Arma senses it too. Kagami runs off to deal with the Darkstone and Arma tricks Ruri into transforming him into his power suit by saying he needs some training. However, Arma’s classmate walks in just as he finishes transforming (awkward). However, she think he’s just in a costume and has him advertise for them. Arma and Kagami give chase to the Darkstone, but it multiplies, causing them to split up. Kagami manages to kill his target, but Arma’s target causes some havoc by breaking the base of a monument that was being built for the festival. Arma manages to save the guys on top, though, showing the school that he isn’t a bad person. Meanwhile, the Darkstone turns itself into a bomb, but Kagami launches it into the air before it is able to explode. After some outlandish acting, Kagami manages to convince the school that the entire thing was an act for a movie. The next day, the school festival goes off without a hitch. I liked that this episode isn’t quite as serious as the other ones, what with the “romance” between Arma and Ruri (even though it was probably caused by Ruri’s drink), and Kagami’s acting prowess. Also, it turns out that Ruri does need a new gem every time Arma transforms, but she has quite the stash (including some cheap ones for random practice runs…only 140 million yen!). Still looking forward to continuing this one!

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