Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Episode 3

Looks like Gekkou’s thinking the same thing I was. That battle last week was way too easy. Anyways, a love triangle has emerged with Taito having to deal with the supernatural Himea and the very normal girl Haruka (who both seem to have multi-colored hair for some reason). Also, school gets called off for the second half of the day and people are complaining? Are Japanese kids really that into school? While Himea and Taito head for the student council room, some weird bug things burst out of the room (Himea calls them dyltiklis). Also, one proceeds to take one of Taito’s seven lives (I would probably reset the save game at this point just because of how fail that death was). Gekkou then has a teacher explain that the school is actually a crossroads for many different worlds/dimensions. The worlds are connected by dimensional rifts, which can only be traversed by people under the age of 18 (ehh?). Because of that, the school has to rely on the student council to handle these things, and in return, the student council members can do whatever they want. It is later revealed that Gekkou used to have a good relationship with Hinata until one day when he arrives home to see that Hinata has killed their parents (OMG I knew Gekkou was Sasuke!!). Hinata tells Gekkou that he only has 9 years to live due to the contract he has made. However, 9 years later, Mirai appears before Gekkou to kill him, but is soundly beaten. Back in the present, Gekkou is attacked by a messenger from Hinata (I knew he was still alive), who tells him that he should stay away from Himea. The episode ends with a weird rain that kills Taito a couple of times. Yeah…if Gekkou and Hinata turn out to be Sasuke and Itachi all over again, I may have to kill myself. Hopefully, this series doesn’t end up like that. Also, this low quality is making me crazy….

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