No. 6 Episode 3

Wow, that was the most awkward transition into the opening theme I’ve ever seen. But let’s ignore that. Apparently Nezumi knows a lot more about classics than I do (which is sad because I was probably required to read most of these books in college/high school). Also…ROBOT RATS O.o. Pretty cool stuff. Looks like the weird thing we saw on Shion’s neck last week is expanding. In this episode, it flares up, causing Nezumi to take some extreme measures. He cuts into Shion’s neck and removes what looks like a cocoon of some kind. However, all of this causes Shion to finally take on the appearance he has in the ending sequence of the series. Shion explains to Nezumi what’s been happening in No. 6 and Nezumi proceeds to laugh quite maniacally about the whole situation. They go to see someone called the Dogkeeper, who runs a hotel in the slums. Apparently, he has some information for them. The episode ends with Nezumi threatening Shion if he ever decides to side with No. 6 again after Shion goes on a naive rant about saving everyone by informing them about the bees. Yeah…Shion’s naivete’s gonna be annoying…I can tell. Oh well, hopefully he can get past that. Looking forward to more as usual 😛

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