Mayo Chiki Episode 3

It’s a double date this week! Maybe a triple date next week? Anyways, it’s not with the pairings you might expect. Jirou is going out with Kanade while Subaru is going out with Kureha (Jirou’s little sister). Because of Kureha’s announcement last week that she has fallen in love with Subaru, Kanade arranges this double date. And it’s gonna be at a water park. Fun aside, Kanade reveals that in the past, she and Subaru were kidnapped while at that water park, and that Subaru blamed herself for it. Anyways, Subaru and Jirou are distracted by a girl struggling in the pool. They manage to save her, but Kanade is kidnapped again. The kidnapper reveals that Subaru has a fear of knives, due to the incident when she was kidnapped before. Nonetheless, Subaru races to save Kanade. However, Jirou knocks her out and goes in her place. Despite his best efforts, Jirou gets the crap beaten out of him by the kidnapper, but then Subaru arrives and takes out the kidnapper with ease. Naturally, it is revealed that the whole thing was a setup and the kidnapper is actually Subaru’s father. Because of this, Subaru is able to get over her knife thing…sorta. She later has a touching scene with Jirou, where she reveals that she truly cares about him. The episode ends with the standard comedic twist. An interesting episode. Personally, I’m wondering if Jirou and Subaru are becoming too intimate too quickly, but I’ll hold out and see where it goes. I think the love…I dunno if it’s even a polygon anymore…Well, I think the love shape-thingy is pretty hilarious, and based on the opening sequence, it’s only gonna get more complicated. I dunno if anyone else here watched Ladies vs. Butlers, but it kind of gives me a similar vibe to this anime.

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