Gundam 00

Gundam 00

THIS HAND OF MINE……no, no Burning Finger…So, Gundam 00 is set in the future, and the world is basically running on solar power because they’ve used up all the fossil fuels (not so farfetched, actually). So, the most important parts of this new power system are the three orbital elevators, one for each of the main superpowers in the world, the Union, Human Reform League, and the AEU. Naturally, tensions are high between these three, and they are constantly competing to develop new mobile suits for battle. However, during a demonstration of a new prototype model, a strange mobile suit appears. This mobile suit turns out to be a Gundam, and it beats the crap out the prototype mobile suit (with the amusing pilot). In a television broadcast, the Gundam is revealed to be the weapon of an organization called Celestial Being, which has the goal of eradicating all war (piece of cake, right?). This broadcast is made by Aeolia Schenberg, who is later revealed to have been long dead, having predicted everything that has occurred up to this point. In the beginning, there are only 4 Gundams: Exia, Kyrios, Dynames, and Virtue. Together with their “mother ship” Ptolemy, they perform armed interventions to eradicate war.

Story: Score 9/10

Obviously, the main characters of this anime are the Gundam pilots, called Gundam Meisters. The pilot of Exia, and the closest thing to a protagonist, is Setsuna F. Seiei (all of these are code names, of course). Setsuna is the youngest Gundam Meister, and also from the Middle East, which is as conflicted in this setting as it is today. Having a…difficult childhood, Setsuna strives to become like a Gundam himself (whatever that means). The next character is Allelujah Haptism, the pilot of Kyrios. Allelujah was part of the human super soldier project of the HRL. Because of this, he’s developed a second personality who calls himself Hallelujah. Whereas Allelujah is more calm, rational, and calculating, Hallelujah is ruthless and aggressive. As with all evil counterparts, Hallelujah is better able to control his super soldier abilities, called quantum brainwaves, than Allelujah is. I think that the voice acting for Allelujah and Hallelujah are done well even in the English dub. The pilot of Dynames, and my personal favorite, is Lockon Stratos. Typically, he’s in the shadows shooting at stuff with deadly accuracy. He seems to be the eldest of the Gundam Meisters and tends to act more mature and easygoing than the others. However, his entire family was killed by a terrorist attack when he was a child, so he can be a little crazy when it comes to his past. Finally, we have the pilot of Virtue, Tieria Erde. Tieria is an Innovator, who is able to directly link with Veda, which is the supercomputer that Celestial Being uses to plan its interventions. Because of this, he is very reverent of Veda, maybe even a little obsessive. Tieria plays the role of the cold, almost robotic character who eventually softens as the series goes on. Other than the Gundam Meisters, there is the crew of the Ptolemy, most notably, Sumeragi Lee Noriega, a tactical forecaster. Sumeragi is able to fairly accurately predict the events of any of their engagements, especially with the help of Veda. You’re almost waiting for her to put on a headset and say “exactly as planned”. All of these characters have something in their past that makes them hate war, which motivates them to join Celestial Being. Gundam 00 also does a pretty cool thing where on the side, there is a bit of a side plot along with the whole guns blazing and giant robot fighting. Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy start the series as two normal students who have crushes on each other. They hang out and live normal lives until Celestial Being shows up. So, on the side, Gundam 00 shows how the actions of Celestial Being affect the lives of just normal people who are trying to live their life.

Characters: Score 10/10

The animation of this series is amazing. Of all of the Gundam series, these machines definitely look the best. A couple of scenes get reused, like O-Raiser docking and stuff, but for the most part, everything just looks great. The only Gundam series with animation that even comes close is Gundam SEED, and it pales in comparison.

Animation: Score 9/10

The opening and ending themes for this series are very good. However, some of the background music can be a little repetitive. That being said, a few of the songs are very memorable.

Music: Score 8/10

The most interesting thing about this series is the sense of politics that you see in the story. You start to question the morality of the Celestial Being because of the apparent paradox of their goal to end war through battle. A lot of the characters kind of wrestle with this idea. Most importantly, the setting is very believable, as a sort of projection of years to come (although, I’m not sure of the practicality of mobile suits). All in all, a solid series with a second season that can really stand alone from the first season if it needed to. The movie that came out afterwards was a little underwhelming, but still a cool thing to watch. It acts as a sort of conclusion to the series. Also, it’s a little annoying that you don’t find out why it’s called Gundam 00 until basically the end of the first season.

Final Score: 9/10

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