No. 6 Episodes 1-2

So, the first episode of this anime confused me, mostly because the characters in it look nothing like the characters in the series art that I saw beforehand. In the first episode, we’re introduced to the main characters, but you don’t see much of where the series is going. However, more stuff is explained in the second episode. So, the main character is Shion, who’s basically a genius, as determined by a test he took when he was 2 years old. He lives in a city called No. 6 in a futuristic society. He even has a cool bracelet so the government can track him…erm, I mean so he can get news and identify himself if need be. However, Shion then meets a boy who calls himself Nezumi, who has escaped from capture by the government. Seeing that he is wounded, Shion decides to patch him up and then starts to talk with him. And the first episode basically ends like that…

However, in the second episode, there is a time lapse and we see that Shion no longer lives in his nice house and actually has a menial job. It turns out the Public Security Bureau found that he was hiding Nezumi and he was expelled from his home and forced to live in an area called Lost Town. One day at his job, Shion and his co-worker see something strange on the surveillance and rush to check it out. Turns out…it’s a corpse (yay -.-). To make matters worse, the next day, Shion’s co-worker collapses and…dies. Shion is then captured by the Public Security Bureau (presumably because he saw too much). However, he is saved by Nezumi and taken to a strange new city. So, it was hard to talk about these two episodes without really summarizing them just because the series doesn’t make much sense going over these two episodes. However, seeing the story so far, I think that this anime is gonna turn out to be okay. The opening sounds pretty good and the ending is nice and mellow.

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