Sacred Seven Episode 2

So, with the new episode out, I’m gonna try to avoid any huge spoilers. This episode reveals a lot of info that the first episode didn’t really have the time to cover. First off, they talk about Hellbrick and the origin of the stones that Arma and Ruri use. The power is called Sacred Seven and it manifests differently for each person, making them either a Darkstone or a Lightstone (no one pulled any muscles thinking about that one). They also reveal the reason that Ruri created the organization that fights against the Darkstones (they don’t explain why they’re all combat maids, though). We also see a strange guy who seems to be a Darkstone or something…He’s fully armored, like Arma when he’s transformed except with a full mask. There were glimpses of him in the first episode as well, and the preview made it look like we might find out more about him in the next episode. Finally, it’s revealed that Arma has a past with Ruri, although the circumstances aren’t fully explained. This episode was pretty cool because of all the stuff you learn about the setting of the series. The battle between Arma and the Darkstone is depressingly short in this episode, but I guess that was to be expected with all of the things they had to introduce. It looks like there are gonna be some sweet battles in the next episode, so I look forward to it.

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