[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Alright everyone, here’s the next one. So, Kimimaro Yoga is a struggling college student (I feel your pain, buddy) studying economics. However, one day, a mysterious man named Masakaki appears offering to give him endless riches. Sounds great, right? But like everything else, there’s a catch. In order to keep this money, Yoga must join the Financial District. There, he would battle using his “Asset” against other people like him, called “Entres”, and their Assets. What’s the wager? His future. Kimimaro’s Asset is a girl named Mashyu, who specializes in fire attacks. As Kimimaro keeps fighting in the Financial District, he learns just how serious wagering your future is. Becoming bankrupt and losing your future can even make you lose your kids (not that Kimimaro has any). He is then invited to join the Starling Guild by Souichirou Mikuni, one of the strongest Entres. The idea of the guild is to control your “Deals”, or battles with other Entres, such that you win only by a small margin. Because of this, the other Entre doesn’t go bankrupt and you minimize the damage on the real world. Of course, things aren’t quite so simple.

This anime was pretty sweet. The characters were definitely entertaining, whether it’s Kimimaro’s naive idealism or Mashyu’s innocence and ignorance of the real world. The concept was also unique, focusing more on the finances of the world and the economy. Plus, a whole country disappears. Definitely a good series to watch. As with Angel Beats, it was too short and didn’t leave much room for a sequel. This one gets either an 8 or 8.5 out of 10.

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