Angel Beats

Angel Beats

As I promised, Angel Beats will be up next. So, this anime follows the story of Yuzuru Otonashi, who wakes up to find that he’s dead. Greeting him is Yuri Nakamura aka Yurippe, who informs him that he is in a sort of purgatory world. He meets up with more people like them, who have banded together to form the SSS, or Shinda Sekai Sensen (SOS Brigade, anyone?). So what’s the point of the SSS? They’re facing off against Angel, a girl who tends to make the people in this world “disappear”. But, this rivalry between the two sides is not what it seems, as you will find out as you watch. Also, I need to make this clear. This purgatory world revolves around a school that the members of the SSS, as well as Angel, all attend. Along with them are people that were never actually people, called NPCs by the SSS.

Although Otonashi’s the obvious pick, it’s hard to pin a protagonist in this anime. Otonashi’s the new guy in the SSS with the lost memory. He’s a kind person who tries to help out when he can, even if it’s Angel. Yurippe’s a pretty good leader for the SSS, able to dictate and create new operations for the group to tackle. She’s pretty loud and can seem a little maniacal at times. Finally, Angel’s student council president and charged with keeping the SSS under control. She has several “guard skills” that let her counter the weapons that the SSS throws at her. She’s also really quiet and doesn’t say much.

This series surprised me. When I first started watching, I was wondering where it was going, but by the end, I was definitely loving it. There’s plenty of comedic relief and the story is great. Part of the SSS is a band called Girls Dead Monster, which plays some amazing music throughout the series. These are mostly insert songs, but the opening and ending themes were also great, especially the opening. The only real problem is that this series is super short and has little room for a sequel (side story, maybe but unlikely). Other than that, it’s definitely worth checking out. I give it a 9/10

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